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Naskah Drama "MALIN KUNDANG", Bahasa inggris (English Version)

One day, there lived a small family in the village Sukamiskin. Their life is suffering.Every day they work in the fields as farmers. The family consists of a child and his mother. Child's name is MALIN and his mother often called EMAK.
One afternoon, malin and emak came from the field to their house.
EMAK : malin,,come on, we must quickly get home.
MALIN : ok mak.., wait a minute. i want to take my hat.
They were walking toward the house. On the way, they look very fancy cars passing on their side.
EMAK : how good the car. must be very expensive.
MALIN : it really,mak.
They even got home. At night, malin talking with his mother.
MALIN : Emak, I was not able to live like this. I want to migrate to Jakarta so that I can be rich and could buy a luxury car like that.
With a heavy heart, emak let go malin.
EMAK : Leave malin, emak willing to let you go if that is your wish. This is provision for you.
MALIN : thank you very much,Emak.
In the morning, malin was preparing himself to go.Malin went to Jakarta by bus.On the bus, Malin talking with the bus driver .
DRIVER : Where do you want to go?
MALIN : I want to go to Jakarta,sir. how long we will arrive in Jakarta?
DRIVER : about 2 hours again.., what’s your purpose to go to jakarta?
MALIN : I want to find a job in jakarta ,sir.
DRIVER : Owh..,like it.
Two hours later, the bus arrived at the station and malin was off the bus. At that moment, malin see thieves in action.
PENCURI : leave your bag ...,
PUTRI : No...,
PENCURI : leave now or you will die...,
Eventually, Putri handed his bag with forced. After the thief had fled, putri shout..,
PUTRI : help me..,help me.., My bag was stolen..,help me,please.
Malin who had just arrived at the station, heard the cry and the direct pursuit of the thief.
MALIN : hei.., You don’t run...,
occurred chase between malin and thief and finally, the thief was caught by malin.
PENCURI : forgive me, do not beat me. I promised not to steal again.
MALIN : return the bag to me
PENCURI : this...,
Bag’s putri successfully retrieved and malin went to see putri..,
MALIN : Is this your bag?
PUTRI : yes,of course.thank you..,what’s your name?
MALIN : my name is malin..,and you?
PUTRI : putri..,where do you comefrom?
MALIN : i comefrom the village sukamiskin.
PUTRI : what’s your purpose came here?
MALIN : I want to find a job in here.
PUTRI : owh.., let's go to my house.....
MALIN : come on...,
Malin and putri arrived putri’s home. malin in and meet with the putri’s father.
FATHER : who is this man,putri?
PUTRI : his name is malin,dad.
FATHER : why did you bring him here?
PUTRI : like this, dad. had been on the market, my bag stolen. so, this man who helped me
FATHER : ohh..,thank you very much , malin.
MALIN : You are welcome,sir.
Then, to reward malin, malin was employed by the putri’s father in his accompany... after a while he worked at the company of putri’s father, malin become increasingly near putri. until finally, they were in love and decided to get married.
MALIN : I’m very happy can get married with you...,i really love you..,
PUTRI : me too..,i love you morre..
Having been happy in the city, malin forget to his mother...., until one day, malin was assigned to take care of some business in his hometown. his wife had come with him.
After traveling a few hours, they arrived in the village.
MALIN : Let's down putri, we're here.
PUTRI : come on...,
After malin out of the car with his wife, a neighbor malin saw them.., He was immediately reported to the malin’s Mother.
TETANGGA : emak..,emak..,your child had gone home.
EMAK : what do you mean??
TETANGGA : Yes mak..,Malin..,Malin.., he had gone,he is rich and he he is had gone home with a beautiful women.
EMAK : are you sure..??
TETANGGA : of course..,come on we co there.
while running, emak went over to malin. when he got in place malin.....
EMAK : Malin..,my child. finally , you come home , son. Who that the woman at your side??
PUTRI : who is she..?? whether she was is your mother??
because he saw his mother the old and poor, malin ashamed to admit his mother.
MALIN : Who are you..?? I do not know about you.
EMAK : I’m your mother,malin.., did you forget me??
MALIN : I do not have a mother like you. my mother is dead..
Hear the words from malin..,emak cried. Emak went home with broken hearts. on the way home, emak prayed to god.....,
EMAK : OH MY GOD.., I do not think my son could do like this. give him a reprimand my god . hopefully he can be aware
When malin was about to go home, heavy rain fell and lightning were also seized...,
MALIN : why suddenly this bad weather..??what happen..??
PUTRI : yea.., I was afraid.....,
Suddenly...,DDOOOOUURRRRR..., lightning and malin and his wife turned to stone.....,


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